Before Baby Arrives

Over the past nine months, I’ve had a hard time documenting Baby #4’s arrival. But the one thing I have done (thankfully!) is take pictures. From eating healthy to practicing how to feed baby using an Anna doll from Frozen, to building a crib, to late night snuggles when I couldn’t move around anymore, to coloring pictures for the baby’s room, we have all been excited to welcome our new baby boy to the family!

Twins Turn 2!

Happily, emotionally drained from a fun day with our family. The twins are now TWO! How did that all happen so quickly?

Brooklyn has this amazing way of being the light in every room. So cheerful. Running each way, in every direction. Hazel eyes that say so much. A smile that makes you smile. She sleeps so sound. She took care of her new baby so well today. She’s going to be a great Mama. And I love that she loves Legos as much as me and her brother. Her new favorite word is Yep!

Bryn seems to always be thinking. Her blue eyes melt your heart. She is quietly (sometimes) demanding of her ways. Her love of fruit snacks is funny, while her hate for car seats is frustrating. But, I love that she knows what she wants. Even at two. She loves to count when we walk up the stairs and has the best giggle!

Happy Birthday Girls! It’s been so fun watching you both grow up with each other as little friends.

Twins Turn One!

I still can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! Such little things when they were born. Looking almost identical at first but now have their own distinct look and personality.


Officially took her first steps on March 8. Her first word was Da Da. Has six teeth! Loves her books–favorite one at the moment being DwellStudio’s Goodnight Owl, a gift from Auntie Peggy and Crystal before she was born. Thinks it’s funny to wear hats. Never has a problem going to bed. Plays peek-a-boo every chance she gets. Loves to eat bananas and pasta.


Took her first steps on March 13. Her first word was Mama. Has six teeth too (and for awhile now)! Loves to climb the stairs at home and the park. Pushes the limits and knows it (oh yeah, I can ride my brother’s tricycle, no problem). Cries when you tell her No! Has the best laugh. Hates bows in her hair. Has these gorgeous big, blue eyes that remind me of Mike’s mom. Eats her food very dainty-like.

Happy First Birthday to our baby girls! We can’t wait for the many years ahead!

As always, pic courtesy of our good friend Rich Lander at their first birthday celebration.

Two Weeks Old & a Big Brother

It seems like we just got home from the hospital…


  • Is the most mellow person I have met in a long time. I swear I don’t even know what her cry sounds like.
  • Makes the best faces when she sleeps. Cracks me up.


  • Loves to be held. When she cries (I do know what that sounds like) all she wants is to be in your arms.
  • Might have a blocked tear duct (like I did as a baby). She’s still gorgeous.

We’ve been busy getting adjusted to having three kids and a new schedule. A few days ago, we went to the park which was nice and a complete reality check as I held Brooklyn and tried to get Blake off of a rock wall. Today ended with some Mommy and Blakey time. We played basketball, baseball, and read books. Now that I’ve been cleared to kinda get back to normal (I’ve never been so sick of my bed!) and feel somewhat normal (so excited that I’ve already lost 20 lbs.), I think more Blakey time is in my future. I can’t wait!


26 Weeks

Today, I went in for another doctor appointment to see our little twins. They are moving around all the time, especially at night and when I eat. Both babies are right around one pound, 12 ounces. (They’ve grown almost one pound each since my last appointment!) Twin A was much more cooperative this visit and even looks like he/she is smiling. Twin B was hiding but we did get a picture of him/her looking at us. Gosh, I wonder what we are having!

As for me, I couldn’t be more tired. I really don’t want to move unless Blake wants to play soccer, baseball or golf. Thank goodness because it keeps me active and away from all the leftover goodies from Christmas! Here’s a pic:

About 13 Weeks Along

Last Friday, I went in for another ultrasound/blood work to check for Down Syndrome. This is the first of many appointments at the main ultrasound place. Because I’m carrying twins, I have to flip back and forth from my regular doc to the ultrasound place. Sounds ok to me! More pics to share of the little ones.

At the time they took these snapshots, Baby A was being difficult (and actually at the regular doc appointment, he/she was being a little crazy… limbs moving every which way!) and Baby B was sitting and waiting for his/her picture to be taken. I wonder if this is how it’s going to be once they arrive. :)

Still craving peanut butter. Soup, crackers, and cheese pizza are my go-tos. Veggie sammies are up there too. I can’t stand the smell of french fries or really any fast food. My skin reminds me of when I was 13 and breaking out everywhere (chest included.. HOT). And.. last but not least, I barely fit into my clothes. I’m excited though…I’m finally feeling better and not so…”I feel like I want to barf” every time I eat, brush my teeth, walk up the stairs.

Post coming soon about Blakey’s FUN, yet quiet, birthday party we had over the weekend. He’s going to be such a great big brother to these two.



Last Saturday, we went to my dad’s house for a holiday party. We couldn’t get enough of Baby Thomas who is getting so big!

Here is a picture of the cute one:

Baby Thomas

Baby Thomas

Blake had a date that night at Gamma’s house. I had to snap a picture today since he was being such a happy boy (but when is he not?).

Blake after his morning nap:

Baby Blake

Baby Blake

Love you all! It’s almost Christmas time.


Baby Blake is here–and (boy!) have we been busy!

Obviously, I’ve been really busy with a newborn so this blog has been pretty neglected. Good news though! I’m a new mom with tons of photos to share so… WE’RE BACK!

As all of you know, handsome Baby Blake arrived on September 25, 2009 weighing 5 lbs. 10 oz. See pictures of this exciting (and surprisingly not very painful) day below:

Leaving for the hospital

Leaving for the hospital


Baby Blake William

Next.. over this past month we’ve had tons of parties with family and friends. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:


Andy and Blake


Aunt Nancy and Blake "The Heartbreaker" Tomarelli


The newest aunties: Jamie and Mallory

And last, we participated in the annual ALS Walk in October. It was especially important to us this year since Blake’s Grandma (Mike’s mom, Jeanne) passed away from the disease just little over a month ago. If you’d like to donate, please click here. Thank you for all who donated and came out to walk in memory of Jeanne Wright. We miss you Grandma Jeanne!


Blake's Grandma Jeanne


Blake's first walk-a-thon

Talk to you all soon!

Results and more!

Hi Family and Friends!

A few updates:

My glucose test came back okay! Thank you for all the sweet texts, emails, and phone calls.

Last Wednesday, I went to a lovely breast feeding class. Answer me this: Do you know what a nipple sandwich is? Here’s what my little one looked like, dirty face and all:

Baby T

Baby T

Last, but not least, Uncle Russ, Aunt Karen, and Bryan graciously sent us a highchair (see pic), baseball onesie, bat, ball, and baseball glove. Upon receiving the package, Mike ripped open the baseball bat and began practicing…like it was HIS gift. Thank you guys for making this time in our lives extra special! We love and miss you!
Highchair in the living room

Highchair in the living room

Love you! Mike, Jen, and Baby Tomarelli