Being a Mom

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conocer mujeres solteras de honduras It means being silly. Loving always. Forgiving. Toughest and best job of my life, right now.

conocer gente gibraltar If you’re a mom out there reading this, your child is the bestest there is. Just understand that every child isn’t exactly like yours and to embrace differences. The world is made of so many unique people and that’s what makes it great.

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Two Weeks Old & a Big Brother

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index It seems like we just got home from the hospital…

site pour rencontre ado gratuit Brooklyn:

  • Is the most mellow person I have met in a long time. I swear I don’t even know what her cry sounds like.
  • Makes the best faces when she sleeps. Cracks me up.

site de rencontre Г demain Bryn:

  • Loves to be held. When she cries (I do know what that sounds like) all she wants is to be in your arms.
  • Might have a blocked tear duct (like I did as a baby). She’s still gorgeous.

We’ve been busy getting adjusted to having three kids and a new schedule. A few days ago, we went to the park which was nice and a complete reality check as I held Brooklyn and tried to get Blake off of a rock wall. Today ended with some Mommy and Blakey time. We played basketball, baseball, and read books. Now that I’ve been cleared to kinda get back to normal (I’ve never been so sick of my bed!) and feel somewhat normal (so excited that I’ve already lost 20 lbs.), I think more Blakey time is in my future. I can’t wait!


All About My Baby Boy

We’ve been going non-stop lately with parties, shopping, gift exchanges… So, the real time spent with my little man has been extra special. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and know that two babies are going to be here soon. Maybe it’s because B is just growing up so fast. Or that the awful shooting last Friday of those 20 children is still on my mind. I just can’t get enough of my Blake.

What I’ve been loving lately about him:
1. He calls Mike and I: Dad and Mom (no more Daddy and Mommy)
2. His favorite thing to do after his bath is turn on Michael Jackson and dance with us.
3. He loves his glazed doughnuts.
4. He loves to help me cook and Mike clean.
5. His favorite song to sing is It’s a Small World.
6. He feeds the babies Chili Cheese Fritos so that the spices stick to my belly.
7. If I can’t get up easily (this belly is growing!), he says, “I’ll help you!”
8. His favorite movie right now is Home Alone.
9. He has best friends: Tanner and Austin who he always talks about.
10. When I make him breakfast, he says, “Yum Momma this looks good. Thank you.”

Family Ties

This week has shown me how truly important family is. I come from a family where the aunts, uncles, and cousins are just as important as your mom, dad, and sister. We are close. This is one of the huge reasons I want to have a large family.

M’s family has shifted a little (with members moving out of state and relationships changing) but the constant in his life has always been his mother and father. When his mother passed away, it was like a huge chunk of our lives went missing. I, even as a daughter-in-law, looked to her as a mother and treasured each moment I had with her. His father has shown me how proud a father can be of his son and grandson. It consumes him–and it shows.

To our parents and grandparents (and uncles/aunts/cousins), without you we wouldn’t be who or where we are today. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We are so lucky!