When it clicks

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site de rencontre ump After an interesting week of smiles and tears, these kids surprise me when I least expect it. One of the best parts of parenting is when it all just clicks and they get it! And today… they got it.

Source Blake came running in from school to show me his folder of papers from the week. Checks and check-pluses throughout. Then all of a sudden he says, “Hey Mom, I can tie my shoe now. And double knot it!”

rencontre lyonnaise Then there’s Bryn who is always so sweetly coloring or drawing smiley faces with legs. Before lunch, we decided to write notes to our neighbors thanking them for the girls’ birthday gifts. I knew Brooklyn could write her name (which has been happening since August) but the last I knew Bryn could only write a B. So, I broke out the little cards and Brookie starts to sign her name. Then Bryn. What?!

http://www.laderaranchdentistry.com/bistrota/7607 Such a great day full of little surprises!

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