About M + J + B

M = Mike

Mike is Italian. He’s also a picky eater. Some of his dislikes in the food department include: mayo, ketchup, mustard, sour cream, beans, tomatoes (actually all vegetables), mac n cheese, and any type of pie with fruit in it.

Mike’s mom was one of his best friends and mentors. She passed away from ALS in 2009 and we miss her terribly.

One of his best traits is that he genuinely loves people. It’s probably why he’s so good at his job as an outside sales guy. But, of course, he’s the best at being a loving husband and father to little Blake.

J = Jen

I’m not Italian. But I can cook a mean meatball and my bruschetta is always a hit. I actually love to be in the kitchen. We both love to host parties especially my Christmas Wrapping Party where the girls get together, wrap, drink, eat, and swap wrapping paper.

I work in marketing and web but my true calling is being a mom. I work from home so I have the luxury of still being with my baby while getting time to do creative stuff.

The most important people in my life are family. I hope that someday we will have many more kids who are healthy and grow up loving each other. Email me.

B = Blake

I’m a little bit Italian. Good thing for my Dad. I’m a picky eater too but I’m trying new things each day.

I never sit still because, at the time, I’m 2.5 years old. Baseball, basketball, soccer…basically all sports entertain me the most. I like trains. I like garbage trucks.. “Eww”. I hate car seats.

My cousin Tommy and “Wy Wy” (Wyatt) are my two best friends. We drive my big jeep from Grandpa, eat ice cream, and have water fights. As you can see on the blog, I’m a huge Disneyland fan and sleep with my Mickey Mouse stuffed animal nightly.

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