Before Baby Arrives

Over the past nine months, I’ve had a hard time documenting Baby #4’s arrival. But the one thing I have done (thankfully!) is take pictures. From eating healthy to practicing how to feed baby using an Anna doll from Frozen, to building a crib, to late night snuggles when I couldn’t move around anymore, to coloring pictures for the baby’s room, we have all been excited to welcome our new baby boy to the family!

My Maternity Shoot

After A LOT of convincing, I decided to get a few pictures taken of my pregnant body carrying these twins. Originally, I wanted to include Blake and surprise Mike with the pictures. But, of course the day came and all Blakey wanted to do was play outside with his friends. Then, trying to get past a husband who never really sees you dolled up anymore… Long story short–questions were asked, I broke down and told Mike I was off to get pictures done, and Blakey had a wonderful afternoon riding around on his bike with his buddies on the block.

This post is mostly to share what a complete talent our go-to photographer (CHARD photographer) is. He not only made me feel comfortable but the pictures look flawless (and I’m definitely not). If you are getting married, need family portraits done, are having a child or two… I would definitely recommend him.

Here’s to some conceitedness! Just a few of my favorites:

33 Weeks

Today was a two-part doc appointment and I anxiously awaited to hear how much these babies have grown. Twin A is four pounds, four ounces and Twin B is four pounds, two ounces. I now know what my mom felt when she was carrying me… a big eight plus pounder.

The ultrasound showed that their heads are together (cute!) on my right side and the feet are facing down (also together) on the left. No wonder one side of my body feels completely beat up.

Contractions. Uncomfortableness. Feeding frenzies. Daily intake of Tums. I’m ready!

Pic, courtesy of myself because I get ready about one day a week and it’s usually at a time Mike isn’t around. And then by the time he does get home, I’m back in comfies. Add: “Can’t get myself dressed because I fall over” to the list above.

26 Weeks

Today, I went in for another doctor appointment to see our little twins. They are moving around all the time, especially at night and when I eat. Both babies are right around one pound, 12 ounces. (They’ve grown almost one pound each since my last appointment!) Twin A was much more cooperative this visit and even looks like he/she is smiling. Twin B was hiding but we did get a picture of him/her looking at us. Gosh, I wonder what we are having!

As for me, I couldn’t be more tired. I really don’t want to move unless Blake wants to play soccer, baseball or golf. Thank goodness because it keeps me active and away from all the leftover goodies from Christmas! Here’s a pic:

21 Weeks & 6 Days

Yes.. once this posts I’ll be 22 weeks already! I can’t believe how fast it’s going… and how slow it’s going. I’ve been so sick lately (hence the lack of blogging) because my immune system sucks.

Thursday, I went to another doc appointment. Here’s some updates on the twinsies:

Twin B is officially ONE POUND and Twin A is not too far behind.
Twin A is still really really active while Twin B poses for the ultrasounds…
Hmm Boy/Girl maybe? :)
And, yes, we still aren’t going to find out the sexes until they are born.

15 Weeks

Well, I’ve grown.

I’m finally kinda looking pregnant. And I’m definitely feeling the pains of being pregnant–hello sciatica! With Blake, I got a taste of this uncomfortableness that runs down my back to my bootie. Yes, my bootie. And now with the twins, I’m that girl with a thumb shoved into her “cheek” walking along trying to just get from one room to another.

Four months is just around the corner. Can’t wait to see what new things I can share!

A Wonderful Surprise

On Friday, August 24, I had a doctor’s appointment. Well, we did.

I was nervous, emotional, cranky, and anxious. Everything went away, though, when the doctor said, “You are definitely pregnant…and having twins!” Although I’m only 8 weeks and a few days along, I already can’t help but feel completely blessed to be a mom again. It’s been a tough road getting to this point.

Here are a few shots of our happy day. One that will always be treasured.