Twins Turn 2!

Happily, emotionally drained from a fun day with our family. The twins are now TWO! How did that all happen so quickly?

Brooklyn has this amazing way of being the light in every room. So cheerful. Running each way, in every direction. Hazel eyes that say so much. A smile that makes you smile. She sleeps so sound. She took care of her new baby so well today. She’s going to be a great Mama. And I love that she loves Legos as much as me and her brother. Her new favorite word is Yep!

Bryn seems to always be thinking. Her blue eyes melt your heart. She is quietly (sometimes) demanding of her ways. Her love of fruit snacks is funny, while her hate for car seats is frustrating. But, I love that she knows what she wants. Even at two. She loves to count when we walk up the stairs and has the best giggle!

Happy Birthday Girls! It’s been so fun watching you both grow up with each other as little friends.

Time Flies

It just hit me tonight how fast B is growing up.

1. He can take a shower (wearing my old flip flops) all by himself. Um, shower? He’s a two-year-old! Yeah…baths were replaced awhile ago and yeah, I’m in denial that he’s almost three and not just a two-year-old.

2. He basically gets dressed (and undressed) by himself. Socks are still an issue but we are working on it.

3. In less than a week, he’ll be starting school part-time. My little baby. Monday is going to be a rough one…for me, of course. :)

Hope all is well with you!