Easter Weekend

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relatos sobre sexo Sometimes, on these holidays, I stop and think, “I wonder how much longer Blake is going to believe in the Easter bunny.” He’s five. As a parent, you get so excited for your kids to experience these little things, like finding Easter eggs, and then it’s almost gone. I hate that. Life is moving by way too fast right now and I’m looking forward to the next chapter–simplicity (I know, I know… such a buzz word), family, and maybe a few seconds to sit and relax.

rencontre femme russe lyon The pictures say a ton, but here’s a quick recap so I can remember five years from now what we did. We dyed eggs, of course, but Bryn didn’t participate because she passed out early (her sleeping schedule is killing us!), opened Easter baskets the next morning, and hunted for eggs at Tustin Sports Park with cousin Madilyn.

rencontre libertine saintes One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the kids fly their first kite. Pure joy! I also have a soft spot in my heart for these dyed Easter eggs. They just threw them into each color about 33 times and you got something seriously artistic!

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paginas para conocer a personas For Blake’s pregnancy, I definitely wanted the nursery to look perfect. Jamie, remember painting the stripes in his room? I loved how everything turned out.

como ligar con otras chicas For the twins, we wanted to do something simple and neutral since we don’t know what we are having. And once I hit 33 weeks this past Friday, I was in official nesting mode. The crib and changing table were delivered just in time for me to get my fix! We’ve decided to put one crib in our room for them to share for awhile (below) and one crib in the nursery.

visit the site Here’s a few shots including one of our big boy helping out too. He dusted, cleaned the mirrors with Mike, vacuumed, and even helped me pack my bag for the hospital (more on that later)! I think we are all a little anxious and excited for the new babes to get here.

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Design: Barkskin


So, I have a little love for interior design. No, my house does not look like it should be on the cover of Elle Decor. But, because I’m the creative-type, I love when I stumble upon something that I love for the house and actually want to buy and then put up.

The other day I was watching the The Nate Berkus Show and he did a small bit about Barkskin. I’m still deciding on where this would go in our house but the texture and imperfectness makes me excited. In the picture below, the wall is painted the pale green/blue and the Barkskin is hanging/applied over it!

What do you think? When I do finally buy this, I’ll take a pic and share!

Image c/o: Barkskin Pinterest

Snuggle Up

How fast things change…

Just yesterday we were bringing Blakey home to a brand new crib. It was an amazing feeling of having a little baby that was all mine. He was precious and tiny and good and gentle. I was officially a mom of a boy who would make my life more than I could ever imagine.


And now, today, he has graduated into a twin bed. Not just any bed. A shiny, red Cars Lightning McQueen bed with huge black wheels on the side and stickers to match. He loves it. Earlier today he even jumped up and tucked in Mickey. Tonight, was the first night in a long time, he was excited for it to be bedtime.

I love you my big baby boy. You’re growing up way too fast.

P.S. My first “Goal for the Week” is complete! The top picture (don’t mind the messy hair) would have never made it to the blog if it weren’t for that post.

Results and more!

Hi Family and Friends!

A few updates:

My glucose test came back okay! Thank you for all the sweet texts, emails, and phone calls.

Last Wednesday, I went to a lovely breast feeding class. Answer me this: Do you know what a nipple sandwich is? Here’s what my little one looked like, dirty face and all:

Baby T

Baby T

Last, but not least, Uncle Russ, Aunt Karen, and Bryan graciously sent us a highchair (see pic), baseball onesie, bat, ball, and baseball glove. Upon receiving the package, Mike ripped open the baseball bat and began practicing…like it was HIS gift. Thank you guys for making this time in our lives extra special! We love and miss you!
Highchair in the living room

Highchair in the living room

Love you! Mike, Jen, and Baby Tomarelli