Twins: 16 Months Old

Dinner tonight: Pasta, biscuits with a little butter, and raisins for the kids. Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese for me. Very random, I know. It is nice, though, that the kids are all kinda eating the same things these days.

Anyway, while Blakey plays in the backyard, I figured I would post a little update. Both girls are 21 lbs. but Bryn is an inch taller.


Knows how to SCREAM. Yet, smiles at almost everything. Likes puzzles and books. One of her favorite things these days is turning on and off the water outside. Loves her grapes. Does a great Donald Duck impression.


May be a tomboy at heart. Can eat and eat. Loves the steam that goes up in the air when pasta is dumped into the colander. Dances to commercials. Has a slight obsession with a ninja on one of Blake’s iPad games (kisses to the screen). Loves naps. Hates bedtime.

Pic: From Fourth of July!

Easter Weekend

The single best part of holidays nowadays is that I have a family of my own. Hiding eggs, putting together baskets, and being completely tired when our four-year-old pounces on me to wake us up at 6:30 a.m. are all part of what makes these days so much more special. We are the parents now. We get to be on the other side of the excitement.

Our weekend was full of fun, family, and a lot of Easter egg hunts.

Saturday, we woke up early to watch Blake play soccer. This kid is competitive. But, if a bossy girl is near, he would much rather hold her hand and follow her around than run after a ball. Some of the moms and I joked about it. Doesn’t every man love a bossy woman?

Right after, we went to a house nearby where our friends, from these soccer games, were holding an Easter egg hunt. Blake had such a great time! Later that day, we went to Papa and Grandma’s house to enjoy the pool and too much ham!

And today, Sunday, was full of more Easter egg hunts with the neighbors and then finally, in our own home. We ended the day with Blake reading books to his sisters in their pjs and, for us, a glass of red wine in bed while watching Game of Thrones. Another holiday over but so much more to look forward to.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter! xoxo

Twins: Six Months Old

It’s time to eat! Today, the girls tried rice cereal for the first time. We threw down our big beach blanket, grabbed their Bumbo seat, and got started! As you will see from the pictures, one baby was all in to it and the other didn’t understand what was going on. We attempted to take videos of each girl taking their first few bites with a wild Blakey in the background. He was so excited to be a part of this momentous feeding (shoving the spoon into Bryn’s mouth) occasion. Next up–more rice cereal, veggies, and homemade biscuits!

Another month older and both are full of personality! Brookie loves to laugh and smile…if you’re laughing and smiling with her. If you just sit there and stare at her, she usually won’t budge and will give you that stare right back (it happened a few days ago to the very serious Target cashier). Bryn, although more laid back, can not get enough of her brother. He could be jumping off the couch, riding his bike or brushing his teeth and she sits there just giggling away at him. I’m excited for the day when they can all play together.

Cheers! To another month older!

Twins: Five Months

Today, the girls turn another month old and it seems like time is just slipping away. I can’t get enough of their sweetness and giggles and watching them interact with Blake. To see their faces light up when he is jumping on the bed or playing outside is such a treat. His gentleness with them surprises me everyday.


  • is having a horrible time teething. Her favorite things to chew on are a rattle, an Eeyore stuffed animal, a teething feeder, and my shoulder.
  • stands up like she’s a two-year-old. We are in trouble if she decides to skip crawling.
  • loves people but when she’s in a crowd where everybody is looking at her, she freezes and starts to cry. No doubt got that from me.


  • is also teething but you would never know it. She chews the side of her finger and is happy as can be.
  • loves to hold her sister’s hand.
  • enjoys playing on her tummy and batting around the baby wipes.

Happy Fifth Month Baby Girls!

30 Weeks & Craft Night

Well, today I went in for my 30 week ultrasound of the twins. Have they grown! Each are weighing in around three pounds. Can you believe it? That’s bigger than Blake’s total weight when he was born!

Like I’ve shared with many of you lately, I’m not 100% sold on the C-section route so wish me luck that these babies turn (Twin A has his/her feet down while Twin B is diagonal). I also was told that my appointments, as of 2/11/13, are going to be twice a week. Whoa. It’s really getting close… and I can’t wait!

Since the twins weren’t really cooperating when we were trying to take their picture, I decided to share a few shots of my baby Blake. We had a little craft night filled with way too much glue, water-colored hearts, flowers made out of tissue paper (remember making these as kids?), and card stock. Valentine’s Day is weeks away but who knows what is going to happen with this belly full of babies!

KeeKee (Mickey) Mouse

Blake LOVES that Dumbo. It’s right outside of (obviously) the Dumbo ride as well as the Casey Jr. Train. His favorite, by far, is that Train so it’s a good distraction for about 1.2 minutes while waiting in line.

We visited Disneyland Sunday, April 22 and it was packed. Papa, Gamma (hot lady next to Blake in the picture), Mike, Blake, and I got there in the afternoon. The usual happened–Mike was hungry, Blake got cranky, Papa looked like a Golf Pro in his well-put-together outfit, and Gamma had snacks to distract Blake in her backpack. Oh.. and I was worn out after ride three.

When Mom suggested we stop over to “see” the wine/vineyard restaurant in California Adventure, I nearly dropped everything and started walking that way. But, as always, my precious Blake reminded me that Toddler Time comes first. :) We had a great day with the grandparents!


Lack of sleep

For the past few nights (or weeks), Blake has decided to skip sleeping through the night and wake up around 12:30AM. Last night, Mike had to take him for a ride in the car around 2:30AM with no luck.

Finally, he fell asleep in his stroller in the middle of the living room. We even had to prop the stroller next to his bed so he could hold it while he went to sleep! Three hours later we were all back in bed.

Exhausted and mentally drained… Where is our house?

PS: Doesn’t it look like he just KNOWS he’s going to give us trouble? :)

Disney Days

Caden & Blake

To be honest, I was 100% against getting Disneyland passes.

I thought…the “specialness” of this place is going to disappear because Blake is going to be used to going every other week. Mike, my other kid, swayed me and I’m glad he did. We have had such great times there already–with the Smith family, Greeley family, my family, and Nello on Father’s Day (watch for other blog posts!).

Here is Caden (Brandon & Erin’s youngest) with Blake in their stroller. It’s fancy. Two luxurious seats that can house a couple active babies who love graham crackers. If you guys have passes, let’s go!