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citas por internet sct It’s not everyday you turn the big 35.

tinder online dating But, when you do, you get to go on trips like this one to Vancouver. The week before, I was in Nashville for work so what a difference a few weeks and a few plane rides can be. Mike and I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver which was… perfection. In the middle of the city. Awesome bar. Nice people. Modern room with a great view. We want to go back and we would definitely stay here.

binäre optionen schweiz legal We took a cab ride to Granville Island and LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it. San Francisco-esque with cute shops and a marketplace filled with freshly baked cookies, cheese, and all the sorts of goodies you would buy on a Sunday afternoon shopping trip. We ate. We chatted with amazing locals. If you can, stop by a little paper shop (I think it’s Paper Granville) that has wonderful prints you would want to frame to hang in every room in your house.

the original source And then the food… some of THE BEST I have had EVER. Dinners were probably the highlight of our trip. First night was at a “must go to” steakhouse–The Keg. Then for my birthday the yummiest dinner at Italian Kitchen. We sat on the second floor overlooking the street below enjoying pasta.

mann sucht frau saarland Here’s a few pics from our trip!

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Blake Turns Five Years Old!

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peligros de conocer gente por internet Five years ago, this amazing boy of ours was born. He was all we had ever wanted and dreamed about. Once he was in my arms, I couldn’t get enough. I still can’t. He has changed me for the better as a person and has given me the greatest title in the world–Mama.

Blakey Boo, you have such a loving, sweet heart. Your ability to walk into any room and be everyone’s best friend is just plain awesome. You’re funny. You’re FULL of energy. You make life fun. You say words like “bisgusting” (disgusting). Your love for your sisters makes me smile. You love to show off your karate and robot/break dancing moves. You are super competitive and always need to be first. Your favorite things to do include playing with your cars and planes, riding your bike, playing any sport, taking pictures, helping out in the kitchen, and eating Lucky Charms.

Happy Five Years Blake!

For the actual big day, we brought in donut holes for B’s class and took him to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. Gamma, Tia, and Uncle were there to help us celebrate!

Blake turns 4 and has a Pirate Party!

I’m finally getting around to this. I swear life is getting so hectic and crazy that I just found time to type this up while on vacation. More on that later!

Weeks ago, our baby boy turned four years old. Our Blake. So full of energy and life. Testing our patience (alot lately) when he wants more attention. Cracking us up with his little language. Just a few of my favorites over the past few months:

– Let ME watch MY sisters. You guys go in the other room!
– Mine is going to be the biggest beanstop (beanstalk).
– Mommy, you have to cover your mouth when you hiccup.

I live for the moments when he wakes up and is this little angel who wants to sit in my lap and watch cartoons. Or when he hugs us both and says, “You guys are my best friends.” He’s wild and crazy but I couldn’t imagine having a little boy who wasn’t just that.

We threw him a pirate party with a few friends and a lot of family. Ate pizza, “planks” (celery and carrots), “shark bait” (kid snacks), “swords” (fruit kabobs) and “fish and chips” (goldfish crackers and potato chips). I got most of my ideas from this site, including the food labels. We dressed up as pirates and took pictures. Jumped around in the bounce house–his one and only request. And opened way too many presents. Thanks Mom and Mal for taking pictures all day. They turned out great!

Happiest Birthday Blakey Boo. You make our life a great adventure!

Happy 35th Birthday!

Over the weekend, my hub turned 35. Is it just me or once you hit like 28, time starts flying by way too fast? Mid-30s always seemed so far away.

Anyway, I surprised him with going out to dinner with our friends and then drinks at a local dive bar. It was perfect. The bar even had an 80’s band. His favorite. Saturday morning was spent opening presents, dunking yummy sugar cookies into our coffee, and playing with the kids. Saturday afternoon we took off to our favorite beach. Sunday, his parents threw all of us Fall birthdays a special party. Three cakes later, we ended the weekend totally exhausted and completely not ready for the week ahead.

I hope you had a great birthday weekend, Bob. I have so much fun with you! xoxo

B Turns 3

Today our little guy turned three. It’s weird that while eating breakfast in bed–a yummy treat of donuts and oj and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse–I started saying, “Three years ago, at 4:25 a.m. we met for the first time…” Then M chimed in, “Hey that’s about the same time he got into bed with us this morning.” It really made me think back of that day and how truly wonderful it was.

And now three years later, B is this funny, crazy, sweet boy. His personality alone makes me smile. And how perceptive he is. And how excited he gets to be around family and “MY friends” at school. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds. We love you baby boy. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jamie!

My younger sister is turning another year older today. It amazes me how great she is. She has this outgoing personality that makes people want to be around her. She always has cute, new clothes and matching accessories. She’s silly. She is one fun aunt to little Blakey. She’s a hard worker and rarely a complainer. She treats her mother-in-law well (I think that says a lot). She listens and cares. When times are tough, she’s the one who will be there. She will stay up all night, every night, in New York for some true sister bonding. She’s a best friend.

We don’t talk everyday but, Jamie (B), you’re everything to me. Thank you for being such a fun, loving person in my life, and to all of those around you. We truly are the lucky ones. Happy Birthday! I love you!