All Girls Getaway

Up in the mountains, back in 1959, my Grandpa Stone built this amazing place we now call The Cabin. My Aunt Peggy arranged a fun, relaxing getaway for the girls of the family. While relaxing on the worn-in couches sipping wine (or chugging water, in my case), we chatted about life, family, and growing up. We ate sandwiches and pumpkin bars and veggies and dip. We took pictures of ourselves on the iPad and found out what celebrities we look like (poor Mal, Tom Hanks, really?). I think Jamie won that game–Rachael Leigh Cook look-a-like.

In the morning, we woke up to Aunt Nancy flipping pancakes, just like Grandma used to make, with boysenberry syrup. Such a nice time to really look around at all these great women in my life, and be thankful.

We missed my mom and Crystal but know this is the first of many trips away…to spend time with family…especially just us girls.

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