Back to School with Blake

That time of year again to take a pic of your kid (minus the sign) before he heads off to school. Actually, we all kinda get excited about it. I drag B to the backyard for “natural” light like I know what I’m talking about. I drag him to the staircase because isn’t that where we took the same pic last year? I drag him to the front of the house because the front door is a great backdrop, right? Then he wants to take a pic of us. Oh wait–I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE READY TOO?! Yikes.

To the last year of preschool! All B wants to do is go to the big school with the pre-teen girls next door. Did I say yikes already?

Around Here: Learning

Months ago, I noticed that Blake was going crazy on the days he didn’t have school. The twins needed even more of my attention. The house was becoming more of a disaster (still is). And, my poor guy was acting out in a bad way.

So, I searched and found some really cool websites (here and here) that featured crafts for kids. Some activities had to do with upcoming holidays and others had to do with just plain learning and teaching him something new. Nowadays, we spend at least an hour or two sitting at the kitchen table tracing, writing our name or learning our letters. And, if the weather is right (which it usually is) we play store or water our plants.

It’s amazing to me that he knows how to write a ‘B’ or knows that his friend, Cash’s name starts with a C. And how to set a table?! Gosh, he’s growing up!

Blake: First Day of Preschool

It’s that time again! Blake’s first day of REAL preschool. The year before was pre-preschool or something like that. Boy, was he excited to return. We packed up the kids and as a family of five walked him into his classroom. Before I could get a pic of him in his new class with his new teacher (we love!), he had bolted outside to find his friends. :) I did get one though (see below)!

Even though he’ll be in school three days a week, I’m planning on starting to do some projects at home with him the other two days. I’m hesitant to use the term “home school” because there is no way I can juggle a 40-hour work week from home, twin girls, and a home schooling curriculum. But, as I read more and more blogs, I’m finding such great resources that are easy to print out and stick to. I’m starting here with a cool Monsters University pack!

To another year of learning…

First Day of Preschool

Last Monday, July 2, B started school. We packed up his lunch (grilled cheese, crackers, fruit snacks, sippy cup, a napkin with ‘a cat dressed up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean’ on it, and a yogurt) and headed off down the street.

B didn’t let me down at all…although a little hesitant, he was excited to play with the trains in the main room. The best part was…he didn’t cry…well, until Friday when I dropped him off again.

It’s official–M is the best at dropping him off (without any tears) and my little boy is growing up!

Here are a few pictures from that day:

Security Blanket

When Blake was one-and-a-half years old, he wouldn’t do much without having to hold something. Eating food, drinking a bottle, and falling asleep all had to be done while touching a toy. And not just any toy. Toys that were meant to ride on. Think….bright colors, hard plastic, and annoying horns.

It drove us nuts! On top of getting him to sit still, heat a bottle, and find a ton of blankets, we had to run around to get one of these huge things that barely fit on the couch.

Tomorrow, B is starting preschool a few days a week. And, as probably most moms are, I’m excited but sad to not have him by my side. What am I going to do without MY security blanket?