Thanksgiving Week

Life just gets too busy around the holidays.

But, on Thanksgiving week with the kids off from school, we went up to our family cabin for a few days to relax. And then back to our house for a quiet Thanksgiving dinner.

When we got up to the cabin, it was chilly so to keep the kids occupied while the fire got started, Mike taught them Slap Jack. Needless to say, it was loud and entertaining. The next morning was filled with hunting for pine cones to take back to the house to make glittery ornaments (which we actually did!). We went to Big Bear for a little, and took the kids bowling and played arcade games.

The next day, we headed over to the local park then onto Lake Arrowhead for a few carnival rides by the water. Woofed down McDonald’s on the steps overlooking the docks and loud ducks. We almost stayed another night but decided to just go home to a very warm Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving was quiet and lazy which was kinda nice. The kids played in the backyard in their pjs for who knows how long. Brooke made mud pie soup on top of the cooler (a favorite thing to do nowadays) while Bryn collected the dirt. Blake played football with the neighbors next door (check out the proof on his knees below). And Ben.. always always smiling.

Thanksgiving in The OC

It was a warm Thanksgiving again this year. The type of weather that just screams hot turkey dinner, right? Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Jenny came over with Madilyn and we played basketball in the backyard and ran around in tank tops and shorts.

When we finally sat down for dinner, I think I got one bite in and had to get up to tend to one of the girls. Then Blake fell off his chair while singing Little Drummer Boy. Then food was thrown all over the rug. The guys woofed down their meals and got the kids back outside so Jenny and I could eat. The usual chaotic end result to slaving over the stove for over half the day. It’s the best though.

We ended the day at the park, in the dark, and tired. I treasure these little family moments.

*Blake took a ton of these pics with my camera while I was busy in the kitchen. Pure talent!

Cousin Madi playing music for us on our walk.

Happy Thanksgiving

What a fun, relaxing day!

We woke up to a delicious breakfast of ‘leftover carne and egg and cheese and cilantro and sour cream burritos’ and great company, as Blake would say: UNCLE (screaming) Jay and Amory (Mallory). After flipping through the Black Friday ads and saying goodbye to Jay and Mal, it was time to cook!

This wasn’t the first time I had cooked a turkey and was excited to host a small, family dinner. As I prepped the bird, M and B had a good time out front at the neighbor’s bounce house. We are so fortunate to live on a great street and everybody was out doing something: flag football games, bikes, drinks, and a lot of laughs.

Jenny and Ronnie arrived right on time to help with the sides (and we had a lot as you’ll see below!). It was nice to be in the kitchen and really cook and talk about our kids growing up together, since Jenny is prego too. Blake went down early after eating (while half asleep) a yogurt. He didn’t want any part of this fantastic meal. Next time.

I sure am thankful for a great life.