First T-Ball Game: Rays vs. Angels

These past few weeks, we have had a lot of family over (so very nice!). And, on Friday, my sister and I got to spend some special quality time together–sitting on the couch, each holding one baby girl, chatting about growing up and how we want to be as moms. I had such a nice time, Jamie. Love you!

That same night, it kinda hit me that Saturday was Blake’s first real t-ball game. The other weeks were just practices. I had to go! I felt fine. The girls would probably love to get some fresh air. And I just couldn’t miss being there for my big guy, and seeing Mike being a great Dad. The more time goes by, I’m SO aware of how important it is to be there for my family. To be what my sis and I chatted about–To be a good mom and wife.

As usual, Mike and Blake had a blast! We were lucky enough to have Mike’s Dad, Auntie Amory and Uncle Jay there to cheer everybody on. Blake’s favorite part: wearing the helmet and hitting the ball. Let’s go RAYS!

3 thoughts on “First T-Ball Game: Rays vs. Angels

  1. So precious!, go Blakey go! I’m so glad you and the girls got to go out and you were able to see Blake play his first game, can’t wait to come and cheer him on at one of his games too! He’s growing up so fast!

  2. I had a great time on Friday…Love you more!
    Give kisses to my handsome nephew and gorgeous nieces for me.

  3. he looks great and he did hit the ball well also enjoyed seeing my granddaughters so beatuiful and of course spending time time with all of you a great day and more to come

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