OC Fair

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Fried everything. Sugary lemonade. Loud. Farm animals. Shady rides. Photo booths.

Yep. We went to the Orange County Fair. We go every year and this time around was just as fun. Once we hit the kiddie ride area, B went crazy. We took him out of the stroller and he couldn’t decide what to do first. Games? Roller coasters? The largest jungle gym/play house thing? Oh yeah. There are a few pictures below of him (and M) going across the not-so-stable bridge. And another one of them at the end of the ride where they shoot out a pretty high slide. They went on this one twice.

Blake also won his very own prize for the first time. He had to throw a bean bag at the balloon and pop it. Winner! He chose the green lobster. Another first was the little piggy races. Mike thought it would be fun–and he was 100% right. Blakey loved it. We cheered for piggies with names like “Black Swine” and “Sloppy Joe” and boo’d when our guy lost.

A memory I soon won’t forget.