OC Fair

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go to this web-site Fried everything. Sugary lemonade. Loud. Farm animals. Shady rides. Photo booths.

http://www.wilhelminaboys.nl/malytka/8917 Yep. We went to the Orange County Fair. We go every year and this time around was just as fun. Once we hit the kiddie ride area, B went crazy. We took him out of the stroller and he couldn’t decide what to do first. Games? Roller coasters? The largest jungle gym/play house thing? Oh yeah. There are a few pictures below of him (and M) going across the not-so-stable bridge. And another one of them at the end of the ride where they shoot out a pretty high slide. They went on this one twice.

agencias matrimoniales en cartagena murcia Blake also won his very own prize for the first time. He had to throw a bean bag at the balloon and pop it. Winner! He chose the green lobster. Another first was the little piggy races. Mike thought it would be fun–and he was 100% right. Blakey loved it. We cheered for piggies with names like “Black Swine” and “Sloppy Joe” and boo’d when our guy lost.

https://www.tuseguro.com/kambjasie/3902 A memory I soon won’t forget.

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