First T-Ball Game: Rays vs. Angels

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These past few weeks, we have had a lot of family over (so very nice!). And, on Friday, my sister and I got to spend some special quality time together–sitting on the couch, each holding one baby girl, chatting about growing up and how we want to be as moms. I had such a nice time, Jamie. Love you!

That same night, it kinda hit me that Saturday was Blake’s first real t-ball game. The other weeks were just practices. I had to go! I felt fine. The girls would probably love to get some fresh air. And I just couldn’t miss being there for my big guy, and seeing Mike being a great Dad. The more time goes by, I’m SO aware of how important it is to be there for my family. To be what my sis and I chatted about–To be a good mom and wife.

As usual, Mike and Blake had a blast! We were lucky enough to have Mike’s Dad, Auntie Amory and Uncle Jay there to cheer everybody on. Blake’s favorite part: wearing the helmet and hitting the ball. Let’s go RAYS!

We Made a Wish Today

Early this morning, while snuggled in bed, I found an eyelash on Blake’s cheek. I told him, “Eyelashes are special and when you find one you get to make a wish.” He didn’t fully understand but we agreed that our wish was for healthy brothers or sisters. So, I took it from his cheek, we said our wish out loud, and blew the eyelash off of my finger. Funny how he really loves little moments like that. A minute later, he was asking if I could find another eyelash. :)

I recently read a blog post about bringing another child (or children) into this world when you just have one. And that God has chosen THIS child to be an older sibling. To teach the younger one(s). To be able to handle maybe a little less attention than before. To be a good role model. It’s making me feel better that Blake is taking on this special big brother role… in just a few days. He’s going to be great!


T-Ball Time!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks trying to get through these contractions, going to way too many doctor appointments, and just being big and awkward. But, tonight I thought: I can’t skip over these milestones that Blake is hitting just because I might be a little tired. This online diary of our lives is something I’m already looking back on.

This past Saturday, March 16, 2013, was B’s first t-ball practice and he did great! For an hour, they got to rotate to different stations: catching, hitting, throwing, and running the bases. All decked out in his Cubs Spring Training shirt with his lefty glove in hand, he had so much fun throwing the ball towards the cones (pics below). Then, they moved to hitting (watch video) and so on. Running the bases was a little tricky because his competitiveness came out and he kept throwing his arms to the side so none of the kids could get to the base first. He’s learning.

I also met a really nice mom who was pregnant too. I can already see us being friends. Her son and Blake even hugged goodbye. Let’s hope they are on the same team!

B’s Three Year Check-up

Today, we went to the doctor for Blake’s annual check-up.

Can you believe…?

1. He’s in the 90th percentile for height.
2. His weight is in the 50th percentile.
3. And, of course, he’s borderline anemic just like his mom. Time for some beef!

Our little guy did great–not one tear when they pricked his finger for the iron test or when they poked his arm for the flu shot. All that he said was, “That hurts.” Such a little love.

Pic below: Us playing ‘work’ in the afternoon. Pen behind the ear. Old cordless phone in hand, making some calls.

30 Weeks & Craft Night

Well, today I went in for my 30 week ultrasound of the twins. Have they grown! Each are weighing in around three pounds. Can you believe it? That’s bigger than Blake’s total weight when he was born!

Like I’ve shared with many of you lately, I’m not 100% sold on the C-section route so wish me luck that these babies turn (Twin A has his/her feet down while Twin B is diagonal). I also was told that my appointments, as of 2/11/13, are going to be twice a week. Whoa. It’s really getting close… and I can’t wait!

Since the twins weren’t really cooperating when we were trying to take their picture, I decided to share a few shots of my baby Blake. We had a little craft night filled with way too much glue, water-colored hearts, flowers made out of tissue paper (remember making these as kids?), and card stock. Valentine’s Day is weeks away but who knows what is going to happen with this belly full of babies!

Happy 2013!

Starting the new year off right…I’m a few days late on my blog post about New Year’s Eve.

This year, we invited a few friends over for a sleepover with their three boys. What a fun and different kind of night. I skipped the champagne and vodka but enjoyed my guava juice in a wine glass. B and “those boys” (what he kept calling them) did everything from ride bikes in the dark to eating popcorn and gummy bears while watching a movie to jumping on Erin to the point where a few of the boys were squished and crying. We all stayed up way too late and by 1 a.m. I was ready to call it quits. When I woke up the next day, my eyes stung and all I wanted was a greasy breakfast. Apparently, whether you drink or not…being prego and staying up that late makes you feel hungover. Here’s to a promising 2013!

A Rainy Saturday

Sometimes I forget to blog about what a typical day is like in the Tomarelli household. I want to capture big events, like birthdays and holidays, but also the little things too. I know we’ll look back at this and be thankful for a few photos that captured just an average rainy day.

The funny thing is, this wasn’t an average day. Today was the first time Blake saw a movie at a real movie theater. I know it may not seem like much, but taking a very active little boy to an hour and a half movie could have been a challenge. We all enjoyed popcorn and juice while watching Monsters, Inc. And after an hour of the show, we decided to go. Blake couldn’t resist the stairs.

It was still raining so we headed off to Jump ‘n’ Jammin (a local place that has a bounce house and random obstacle courses) which was a madhouse of little ones running around. B burned off so much energy that he fell asleep around 5:30 p.m. Wish us luck once 3 a.m. rolls around.. He’ll be jumpin’ into our bed asking for cartoons and pancakes!

1. After a shower, Blake waking up Daddy wearing his new robe. He’s such a little man. // 2. B playing with his favorite Christmas gift–the green trash truck from Tia. // 3. Sipping on some juice and getting comfy in the theater. // 4. Picture of us before the show starts. // 5. & 6. Crawling through the maze and posing for a picture at J’n’J.


Christmas Snapshots

A little look into our lives over this past December. What a fun time! As Blake would sing.. Happy Day! (Happy Holidays!)

1. Santa Visits Our Town // 2. Blake before his first ever Holiday Happening recital. // 3. Our little guy loving the spotlight and singing to all of us parents. SO proud! // 4. Oh what fun! Thomas and Blake on Mike and Ryan’s shoulders at Aunt Nancy’s house. One of my favorite Christmas parties every year. // 5. Jamie, Blake, Mike, and Thomas get together for a picture. Love my sister’s top! // 6. Lauren, Blake, and I put together a toy at Papa T’s house. // 7. Papa T, Blake, and Mike pose on Christmas Eve. // 8. Santa brought B exactly what he wanted–a green bike! // 9. Blake coming downstairs so excited to see what’s under the tree. // 10. Testing it out! // 11. Christmas Day over Dad and Jeanette’s house. We had fun! Hope you did too!

All About My Baby Boy

We’ve been going non-stop lately with parties, shopping, gift exchanges… So, the real time spent with my little man has been extra special. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and know that two babies are going to be here soon. Maybe it’s because B is just growing up so fast. Or that the awful shooting last Friday of those 20 children is still on my mind. I just can’t get enough of my Blake.

What I’ve been loving lately about him:
1. He calls Mike and I: Dad and Mom (no more Daddy and Mommy)
2. His favorite thing to do after his bath is turn on Michael Jackson and dance with us.
3. He loves his glazed doughnuts.
4. He loves to help me cook and Mike clean.
5. His favorite song to sing is It’s a Small World.
6. He feeds the babies Chili Cheese Fritos so that the spices stick to my belly.
7. If I can’t get up easily (this belly is growing!), he says, “I’ll help you!”
8. His favorite movie right now is Home Alone.
9. He has best friends: Tanner and Austin who he always talks about.
10. When I make him breakfast, he says, “Yum Momma this looks good. Thank you.”

First Day of Preschool

Last Monday, July 2, B started school. We packed up his lunch (grilled cheese, crackers, fruit snacks, sippy cup, a napkin with ‘a cat dressed up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean’ on it, and a yogurt) and headed off down the street.

B didn’t let me down at all…although a little hesitant, he was excited to play with the trains in the main room. The best part was…he didn’t cry…well, until Friday when I dropped him off again.

It’s official–M is the best at dropping him off (without any tears) and my little boy is growing up!

Here are a few pictures from that day: